We're a team of talented product designers, managers, and engineers who work with startups to turn their ideas into well thought-out and compelling products.

A few people we've worked for

Ford, Rocket Fiber, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Gigster, Apple, playvs, Snap, Nima Labs, Nexient, Bamboo Detroit, Slack.

Our core

Mobile & Web Apps, AI, Deep Learning, Data Science, Product Management, & Design Thinking.

Our Process

zero to three.

Phase zero:
Ideas & Planning

Puricode starts by exploring the breadth of the problem you're trying to solve before diving deep. We spend a considerable amount of time living in the problem space before considering a solution. This approach enables the Puricode team to ensure we're going after the most valuable ideas and challenging assumptions with actionable data.

Phase one:
Design & Development 

Puricode builds products with an understanding that the beauty of a thing isn't just what an end user sees, but also how the product looks under the hood. Every part of architecting a product is just as enjoyable and essential for our team as deciding on the placement of the login button.

Phase two:
Data & Analytics

Pushing a product to market isn't enough to make an impact. We're continuously checking our success metrics and optimizing every assumption based on real-time market data. We're a bunch of data-driven nerds who know a thing or two about tracking conversions.

Phase Three:
Learn & Iterate

It takes a few iterations before any product is excellent and we understand that well. We design, build and test in a way that allows us to repeat until we get it right without it costing you more.

Start building with Puricode

We'd love to hear from you to discuss web design, product development or to hear your new startup idea.